...Everything else is just progress

...Everything else is just progress

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How cute is Snow, tho?

Momma Snow isn’t given enough credit for her purity. She isn’t given enough love for the great amount she continuously shows to others. There honestly aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to describe the incomparable excitement we know she feels because of the happiness on her face. All she’s ever wanted since the moment she befriended Emma is to see the walls that’ve kept away pain tumble down because they’ve welcomed love. She’s always been a hopeless romantic who’s believed that love is the most immaculate thing in the world. Goodwin’s reactions are nothing short of perfect for we know that as a mother herself, and even before she became one, she’s always gotten incredibly excited when talking about the little things. For Momma Snow, these brief moments of knowing her daughter’s heart is filled with happiness are now without a doubt a part of her most favorite memories. She and Charming will cherish this day for the rest of their lives because for the first time, they’re parenting in ways they never have — their daughter has opened up to them and blossoms in front of them in ways she’s never had. All she’s ever tried to do was encourage Emma to be willing to love someone because she knows it heals in ways nothing in the world does. And in that last gif especially, Goodwin’s spritely expressiveness shouts “this is what dreams are made of" — there’s no joy like a mother understanding that her daughter feels the same kind of happiness she feels when in the presence of her plaid wearing, impeccable husband.

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Me an hour ago: “I think I’ll get the bigger order of noodles and have the rest for lunch tomorrow!”

Me now, having eaten all the noodles: “Haha what a cute idea that was”

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This concerns me, because as of halfway through season 2, Rumple is my favorite. Oh no.

Don’t get me wrong, Rumple is a supremely entertaining villain and Robert Carlyle is fantastic…. I usually only hate him as much as I do any villain. But I fucking hate Rumple with the passion of 1000 fiery suns right now.

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A date with the person she’s falling in love with.

Coming home to find her parents who love her waiting up to hear all about it, with an excited mom and slightly exasperated protective dad.

Let’s be honest, given her history, this was likely one of the best days of Emma’s life. 

Even though she didn’t get to bang, I’m sure she went to bed a very happy girl.

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If any Once Upon a Time fans follow us, what are your thoughts on Elizabeth Mitchell’s new role in the series??

Purely the fact that it’s Elizabeth Mitchell pretty much guaranteed I would love the character. I just adore her work so much, she’s a gift to anything they put her in.

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Killian Jones in 4x04


Okay this might be an unpopular opinion, but:

I never bought that “the hand is cursed” thing, but there’s no way that it was entirely in Killian’s head and “gave him permission”. He doesn’t need permission. This isn’t who he wants to be. And we saw his reaction - he was horrified. He didn’t want to help Rumple, and he didn’t want to be violent. If he’d wanted permission, an excuse, he would have kept going. He wouldn’t have drawn back with that horrified look on his face.

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